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Phase 1

Project Concept and Description

Using Bitcoin to pay and get paid is easy and accessible to everyone. will be an e-commerce site which will have the main functionality of online bidding in order to purchase the items listed on the site.

Website will have a minimum of 10 pages.

Home page – Landing Banner 1 - should appear urging the visitor to sign-up in order to get a free Membership for a period of three months. Unless the visitor ignores the banner and visits the page, he will be directed to the user sign-up page.

Site should have the capacity to handle supplier registrations also online, as a future requirement.

Phase 2

Opportunities and Challenges

- Flat, clean and with Black background

- A deployment descriptor, that specifies the declarative semantics that describe an EJB and the services it requires.

- Strive for consistency. Must the project have an identity

- Automatically tabulated results are available immediately

- The bean implementation, that contains the methods that perform business logic

- The Build conference website puts hierarchy principles to use

- Integration with google adwords script

- Integration with chat

- Typical clerical errors made by Bidders are eliminated

- Just click bid to participate in any auction

Phase 3

Complex on the back-end, simple on the front-end


This One & Only website design by uses muted gold and off-white tones contrasted against sharper blacks and Dark Grey to create a stunning contrast. Simple, minimal, and elegant, this palette is perfect for any Auctions design you may embark upon.

Possible Color Pallete

Phase 4


The mission at One & Only is to develop high quality, innovative bid management and document control services that clients trust and rely on, users appreciate for the value it delivers and employees are proud to deliver.

- The entire bidding process is managed consistently and correctly

- Custom branded application maintains your corporate identity

- No risk of transposition errors

- It is faster, easier and less expensive for all parties

- Integrated electronic Bid Bond feature

- Secure system, authenticated access


1) Don’t make users think
2) Don’t squander users’ patience
3) Manage to focus users’ attention
4) Strive for feature exposure
5) Make use of effective writing
6) Strive for simplicity
7) Don’t be afraid of the white space
8) Communicate effectively with a “visible language”
9) Conventions are our friends
10) Test early, test often

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